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Back in the day, Crested Butte was still a secret Colorado oasis that few people knew about. The skiing was amazing. There was an abundance of trails open in the summer. The panoramic views of the mountains, stunning. But the accessibility of the small town, a nightmare! With the closest airport 30 miles away in Gunnison, Jesse and Kristin McGill first bought a Denali XL in 2007 and began making runs, bringing vacationers into the heart of Crested Butte.
In the years that followed, Crested Butte Shuttle Company, as it was then called, widened their scope of transportation, adding new vehicles, more drivers, and farther transfers across the Rockies. 

In 2009, Kristin and Jesse bought and acquired the also local Dolly's Mountain Shuttle, merging the two companies under an even larger umbrella of services. Dolly's had been in the valley since 2004 offering hikers and bikers transportation to local trailheads. It was an opportunity that the McGills took to expand their seasonal, mostly winter, Crested Butte Shuttle business into a year round, full service company - now officially known as Dolly's Mountain Shuttle



Our mission is to provide on time, safe, reliable and comfortable transportation to all destinations in the Gunnison Valley and beyond.

Dolly's Mountain Shuttle offers experienced local professional drivers, years of mountain driving expertise and competitive rates.

Whether it's a ride from the airport, a day in the wine country or a trailhead pickup after the six hour hike from Aspen, Dolly's Mountain Shuttle wants to be a part of your Crested Butte experience.


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